December 7, 2021

Plex-utills 21.12 update

Plex-utills 21.12 update

Plex-utills 21.12 has just been released. With it comes some fixes and some new features. The biggest/best new feature is the Dolby Atmos and DTS:X banners on your media.

Below are the two new banners that can be added to your posters. These are added inline with the HDR banners to try and keep the posters relatively clean.

As always, you can enable or disable the banner in the config page.

Dolby Vision detection has been re-worked. Whilst Plex does list some dolby vision metadata for your media, it doesn't show up when filtering your media to include only media with HDR.

There is a slightly re-designed banner to go along with this too which in my opinion looks a bit cleaner.

Collections have also been re-written. I have re-written the Disney and Pixar collectons to tun them into smart collections. This makes the creation of the collections super quick. I have also added a new collection for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Any existing collections created by this script will be automatically converted to smart collections.

There is now also the option to use the default collection posters for these three collections.

There are also three new collctions that can be created: Top Rated, Popular and Recommended. For these to work, you need to have an api key from TheMovieDB and your tautulli server.

These Top Rated and Popular collections are created from the popular and top rated films on TheMovieDB.

The Recommended collection takes your top film from tautulli and then gets the recommended films and creates a colelction with these films.

Full Changelog

Version 21.12



  • Autocollection for Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Popular, Top Rated and Recommended collections
    • Requires TheMovieDB api key for this to work.
    • Popular is based on popular movies on TheMovieDb
    • Top Rated is based on the top rated on TheMovieDb
    • Recommended requires Tautulli to work
      • Takes the most popular movie as seen on the Tautulli home page and finds the recommended movies from TheMovieDB
  • Config options added to enable/disable each collection


  • Changed the logic behind the colleciton creation. Collections are now Smart collections so the script doesn't need to be re-run for Films to be added.
    • Smart collection creation is almost instant
    • Existing Disney/Pixar collections will be converted into Smart collections.
    • If you have a Collection called 'Marvel Cinematic Universe' this will be converted into a smart collection
    • Option to use a default poster for Disney, Pixar and Marvel Cinematic Universe.
    • Exisiting artwork for these collections will be transfered to new smart collections unless default collection artwork is enabled in the config.
  • Collections are handled as a single script. Individual scripts can be enabled/disabled in the config page.

Posters 4K:


  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X banners for your films.


  • The script now saves the temp posters to RAM rather than to disk. This should help with corrupted posters.
  • Posters are uploaded once rather than after addiong each individual banner. (4k/HDR banners are handled separately from Audio banners as audio banners are applied to all your films, not just 4k or HDR versions.)
  • Dolby vision detection has been re-worked for updates to Media Info so should work porperly now.
  • Truncated images are logged
  • Temp posters are created with the film title to avoid uploading the incorrect posters to other films.

Misc Changes:

Front end

  • Moved Help page so it is on the side menu
  • Config page is now split into server config and options. New options added.
  • Javascript for viewing the logs pages changed, as well with slight tweaks to CSS.


  • Reworked how the web pages are rendered
  • New config options will be added to the database
    • All new options default to empty or false.
  • Dev page for debugging HDR detection and audio codec detection.
  • TZ variable removed from Unraid template. Should be configured automatically.


  • Some typos fixed.